Earl D. Sheeley & Son

Earl D. Sheeley & Son, Inc.

Fuel Oil Services in Grahamsville, NY

Operating in conjunction with and under the same ownership as Sheeley Oil & Excavating, Earl D. Sheeley, Inc. specializes in fuel oil delivery. In addition to our full range of excavating services, we also deliver fuel oil, kerosene and blended fuel. Using degree day methods, we predict when deliveries are needed and offer budget plans and discounts for customers making prompt payments. We also work with Sullivan and Ulster County HEAP organization to ensure those customers prompt caring service.

Our acceptable forms of payment include cash, checks and major credit cards.

As a family business, we have knowledge of our industry that has accumulated over three generations of owners. We take great pride in what we do and have a caring nature for all our customers. Our staff has been with us for 20 or more years, so we get to know our customers and can tailor our service to their individual needs.

About Our Company

Earl D. Sheeley & Son, Inc. was founded by our current owner James Sheeley’s grandparents and before being purchased and operated by James’ parents until 1999. Since then, James has carried on the family tradition of providing great hometown service to his customers while starting his other business, Sheeley Oil & Excavating, Inc. that specializes in excavation services.

Our staff is easily accessible for whenever you may need us! Contact us today at (845) 985-2231 to learn more about our services or to place an order. We look forward to hearing from you!